Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor
270 South Atlanta st, Roswell, Georgia 30075

Winner of over 350 5k and 10k roadraces. Overall winner of the Subaru Challenge Triathlon. Six time overall winner of the Roswell Road Race. #1 ranked- 2010 Georgia State Championship Mountain Bike Race Series XC-GM July. Overall winner of the Atlanta Six Flags Half Marathon
After graduating with honors and receiving his doctorate several decades ago, Dr. Batchelor founded the Batchelor Clinic of Roswell, Georgia. Dr. Batchelor treats all types of injuries including auto accidents, on the job injury, sports injury, etc. Dr Batchelor's reputation has grown far and wide with many patients traveling from other states including Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Patients can call to make an appointment and be treated the same day. If you need information on hotel accomodations, please call our front desk at 770-992-2002

Our goal is to provide care in an efficient and timely manner. We pride ourselves in keeping patient waiting time to an extreme minimum. Please do not rush or become stressed in trying to keep your appointment. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time we will be happy to see you the day of your appointment with no problem.

We are open very early in the morning and late at night by appointment. This makes it possible for patients that work during the day to receive treatment. Hours are 6am-9pm by appointment.

Our fee schedule is in keeping with the reasonable and customary fees of Georgia insurance companies. We are members of most managed care groups ( PPO, HMO )(usually only a $10 copay) throughout the country. Our office offers a number of payment plans for families, and well patient care. Personal injury cases are accepted.

The greatest compliment is for our patients to refer their friends and relatives. As you experience the benefits of Chiropractic, you will want to share this knowledge with your friends. Our office is full of research and pamphlets and holds a Patient Workshop (class) twice per month. We welcome your interest.

As a doctor and as an athlete, Dr. Batchelor has published over 500 articles on “Chiropractic Sports Medicine”.

Dr. Batchelor was recently interviewed on national CNN headline news as Atlanta's expert on athletic injury and back pain rehabilitation.

Dr. Batchelor is an actor in an upcoming movie “Against the Wind”, soon to be released into a theater near you. He is a supporting actor playing the part of a fighter pilot that later becomes a Federal DEA undercover agent sent to eliminate leaders of a major illegal drug(opium) organization. The movie was filmed in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua and in Malaysia and in the mountains of North Carolina.

Our clinic serves Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Woodstock, Stone Mountain, Cumming, Canton, and all of Atlanta.

Dr. Batchelor is a monthly columnist on Sports Medicine for several fitness magazines and has spoken to dozens of clubs and lectured to many medical colleges on Sports Medicine.

Dr. Batchelor's other accomplishments:

Winner of over 350 5k and 10k roadraces
#1 ranked- 2010 Georgia State Championship Mountain Bike Race Series XC-GM July, 2010.
Overall winner of the Subaru Challenge Triathlon
Overall winner of the Six Flags Half Marathon.
Six time overall winner of the Roswell Road Race.
5k PR 14:59
10k PR 32:28
Half Marathon PR 1:13
Marathon PR 2:39

He has also been a consultant for Runners World, Running in Georgia, Run and See Georgia, Running Journal, and The Georgia Runner magazines.

Expert witness for testifying in court in regards to "injuries sustained in automobile injuries"

Performed as a dancer in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Dr. Batchelor has run over 60,000 miles, biked over 250,000 miles and has treated over 100,000 patients including many beginning as well as Olympic athletes from all over the world.
Patients include John Tuttle-Olympic Marathoner, Keith Brantley-Olympic Marathoner, World Class runners- Katie Schilly and Linda Mclennan, Marcos Barreto-World Class 5k runner from Mexico, Craig Virgin- World Cross Country Champion and winner of the Peachtree Roadrace several times, Kelly Jenson-Olympic Steeplechaser, including Falcon football players, professional hockey players, members of the World Softball Championship team, winners of the Western States 100 Mile ultramarathon race, Tour De France Italian Cycling team, MMA (mixed martial arts) Ultimate Fighters, professional hockey players, professional golfers, professional triathletes, Olympic Soccer players, etc.

Recent invited quest speaker for the Huntsville Rocket City Marathon(voted as one of the top 10 marathons in the USA by Runners World).

Guest speaker for the Chattahoochee Road Runners, Joints in Motion training team, Macon Track Club, Rome Track Club, Roswell Track Club, Mercer College of Medicine, Americus Track Club, etc etc.

Member Atlanta Track Club

Top 20 Masters runners at Peachtree Roadrace

Services Offered and conditions treated:
Activator Method
Back Decompression Therapy
Cox Technique
Drop Table Techniques
Full Spine Gentle Treatments
Method Motion Palpation
Sacro-Occipital Technique
Spinal Adjustments
Thompson Technique
Upper Cervical
Elect. acupuncture
Prescription custom made lightweight orthotics
Chiropractic spinal manipulation
Specific exercise instruction
X-ray diagnosis
Body fat analysis
Muscle imbalance correction
Computerized nutritional evaluation
Stress fracture diagnosis
Galvanic current
Biomechanics evaluation
Heel spur reduct.
Scoliosis correction
Back braces and supplies
Acute Pain
Allergies or Asthma
Arthritis & Bursitis
Auto Accidents & Whiplash
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain Dizziness & Vertigo
Family Care Geriatric Injuries
Insomnia or Sleep Disorders
Kinesiology Migraines & Headaches
Muscular Problems
Numbness or Nerve Damage
Postural Correction
Skeletal Problems
Stress & Tension
Teeth Grinding & TMJ
Work Injuries Treatments
Craniosacral Therapy
Electronic Muscle Stimulation
Holistic Healing
Massage Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Back and neck pain
Heel spurs
Tennis elbow
Hamstring pain
Shoulder and arm pain
Muscle spasm
Ankle sprains
Shin splints
Groin pain
Mortons toe toe
TMJ syndrome
Numbness tingling
Chondromalacia-knee pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis
Sacro-illiac pain
Rotator cuff injuries

Listed below are some of the therapies that we use for reducing pain.
1. Electrical acupuncture is a therapy that interrupts and blocks the pain messages from the area of pain to the brain so that spasm and pain is reduced.
2. Ultrasound can reduce fibrosis and scar tissue.
3. Traction is used to decompress an area where nerve pressure exists.
4. Chiropractic is used to manipulate misaligned spinal vertebrae into normal alignment.
5. Acuscope is used to reduce spasm and pain.
6. Galvanic current is used to separate the negative from the positive charges in the nerve fiber to break up the pain cycle and reduce spasm.
7. Acuspark is used to reduce acute spasm
8. Activator is a low force technique that can reposition misaligned vertebae into more normal position thereby reducing nerve pressure and pain.
9. Interferential is used to reduce swelling, edema, and spasm along with pain.
10. Massage reduces sweling and spasm
11. Spinalator reduces tight muscles

Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor
270 South Atlanta st
Roswell, Georgia 30075

A few of the hundreds of articles that Dr. Batchelor has written for several fitness magazines are seen below:

By Dr Daniel C. Batchelor

I don’t know about you but I need a good beating at least once per day. A good beating keeps me feeling in tip top shape. If it weren’t for my beatings, I would feel stagnant and less than whole. I get a good beating by pushing my body moderate to hard. When my heart beats 60%-80% of its max. heart rate is when I feel my best. That means that according to my age and fitness level, my training heart rate should beat 106-142 times per minute. Long after that beating, I continue to feel the benefits of increased circulation, increased energy and that not so fresh feeling is a a thing of the past. I get my beatings everyday either at noon or after work. These beatings have become a part of me and if I don’t receive them, I feel less than I could be. A good beating is recommended by the surgeon general.
I get a good beating while riding a bike, swimming in a pool, and/or running. The only great beating that I get, however, is when I run. Everyone needs a good beating. Some need it more than others. Computer programmers, secretarys, CPA’s, fitness magzine publishers, and even Doctors of Chiropractic need these beatings.
Even my German Shephard and his unrelated Shoberwieller(shephard, doberman, rottweiller) brother needs a good beating. If they don’t get a good heart beating at least once per day, I can see the tenseness in their faces and sense it in their mood. After a good beating, their faces are relaxed, they are happier and they sleep like logs. The same with humans.
Many people live a life never appreciating what a good beating can do. I know several people that do not appreciate a good beating either because they tried it once or twice but disliked it because it made them tired and sore afterwards. They did not realize that frequent gentle beatings were necessary in the beginning before anyone can reap the benefits of a really good hard beating.
What do these beatings actually do physiologically and why do we like these beatings so? Beatings increase the number of capillaries that supply your muscles. A good beating produces endorphins that dull pain, combat mental and physical stress, and allow you to receive that “runners high” occasionally. Several good beatings over a period of time improves your ability to take in oxygen and with more oxygen present, you will not be forced to produce lactic acid which inhibitis muscular contraction.
Several long beatings at moderate effort trains your body to burn fat instead of carbos. This is good because the fewer carbos you burn, the less lactic acid you produce. When the heart beats strong and hard, like any other muscle of the body, it becomes stronger and more efficient. More blood volume is pumped per stoke and you don’t have to strain yourself any longer performing tasks that would otherwise wear you out. If you are similar to me, you can tell when its time for a good beating. When I have been motionless while sitting in front of a computer or sitting on an airplane or sitting in a meeting or taking a long road trip, I feel the need for a really good beating.
Have you had your beating today?
By Dr Daniel C. Batchelor

My father is 85 years old and he travels the country competing in softball tournaments designed for those over 65 of age. Last year his team won the world championship that involved hundreds of leagues from the entire planet. Over the past 63 years my father has had every softball injury imaginable including shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain, foot pain, etc etc. During the game, however, all of his pain mysteriously vanishes. His mind becomes so enthralled with the game that he feels as though his body has been replaced with a younger newer version that functions with efficiency and precision. After the game, however, on the way home, all of his pain once again returns and he must modiy his range of motion to prevent the discomfort.
Last year during a softball tournament in Fort Meyers Florida my father was running from first base to second base at a high rate of speed. As he slid into second base, the second basement and he collided and my father was knocked unconscious. After 3 minutes of lying on the ground and appearing dead, my father woke from the state of unconsciousness. Without hesitation, he stoodup while maintaining his keen interest in the present game and immediatley prepared for his next run to third base. A cheer from the crowd gave his teammates goosebumps.
What type of commercial pain killer does my father use during the game of softall. The answer is none. The mind provides us many powerful natural painkillers. Endorphins are naturally produced opiates known as “endogenous opoid peptides”. They are produced by the pituatary gland and act similiar to morphine dulling our central nervous systems response to pain.
What about the mental aspect of pain, not just physical pain from injury but the pain of exertion. What can we do to become friends with the pain of the effort associated with a hard 10 mile run.
One world class Triathlete female was asked what techniques she used during her hard training days to deal with the pain of effort, “I think of sex and Haagan Daaz ice cream”, was her response.
Once you realize that the pain of effort is not going to kill you, the urge to slow down or stop becomes less urgent. Becoming familiar with pain will cause a gradual acclimatization with it.
On a hot day in Atlanta during a hot hilly long hard workout, I let my mind take a trip to a cool place in the mountains. I let my body run on autopilot while my mind goes somewhere else.
Another technique is to let your mind and body relax during a long hard run. I try to gently concentrate on form and efficiency. Where are my arms, where are my feet, how can I achieve maximum alignment and efficiency by altering their positions so slightly. If you do not practice dealing with pain while training then do not expect to learn to deal with pain when the next race comes to town.
If you would like Dr. Batchelor to speak to your club or race, feel free to call or write. Call Dr. Batchelor at 770-992-2002 or write with questions on sports medicine. Dr Daniel C. Batchelor 270 South Atlanta st, Roswell, GA 30075
Dr. Batchelor founded the Dog Hikers of Georgia DHOG in December of 1993. It is a club for people and dogs that enjoy hiking. We meet every Sunday morning at 10am near Red Top Mountain at a special secluded area perfect for dog hiking.
Call the 24 hour appointment desk at 770-992-2002
Insurance is accepted with little or no cost to you since we are a member of most patients HMO/PPO programs.

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Call the 24 hour appointment desk at 770-992-2002
Insurance is accepted with little or no cost to you since we are a member of most patients HMO/PPO programs.

1/2 mile north of the Chattahoochee river on Roswell rd, Roswell, Georgia
270 South Atlanta st, Roswell, Georgia 30075, 30076, 30077

Located 3 miles from Alpharetta 30023, 30022, 30009, 30005, 30005
Located 2 miles from Dunwoody 30338, 30346, 30356, 30360

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Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor
270 South Atlanta st, Roswell Georgia 30075